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Lost and Found Parrots UK

"There is always hope"


Our Pledge

We are here to support and give advice to any owners who have lost their parrot using our extensive social media connects and our knowledge of searching.

If we find or have a bird handed into our care we will: Inform the nearest lost and found safe hands volunteer who will arrange to collect the bird Place the bird with an experienced volunteer in the local area (or as close to as we can) to where the bird was found. 


Extensive advertising to locate owner of found bird: Lost and found parrots Facebook group Lost and found parrots Facebook page We will cross post to any local lost and found pets groups and invite our supporters to share the advert across social media Twitter. We advertise all birds on the following sites: Parrot Alert, National Pet Register Pets Located Animal Search UK . In some cases we will approach local newspapers and radio stations for help in finding an owner. 

We will ensure that the found bird is reunited to the rightful owner.

**Donate Today**

Please help us provide the funds to help any injured found parrots, thank you.

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