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Advice On Keeping Your Parrot Safe


So what can we do to try to reduce this tragic situation? Here are some tips to consider:

First, be aware that your bird can fly. This might sound obvious but we know of cases where parrots have been in the family for years and have never flown until one day, they suddenly take off.

Never leave any external windows or doors open, which will allow a bird its freedom.  In hot weather, keep the bird in its cage before opening windows.  In many houses the only point of exit is through a conservatory patio door.  A high number of lost birds escape this way, so do not have loose birds in this area.

One simple, cheap and easy form of prevention is to make up some well fitting mesh panels to fit the openings of doors and windows, allowing for the flow of air and providing security for the bird.

Many owners allow a parrot free range of the house so before the cage door is opened, contain it in one room and check the whole property for any insecurities.

Parrots get out when you least expect it.  When a door is unexpectedly opened, they can be over your shoulder and gone in a flash! These are the most common causes of escape.  Consider pinning a notice up on the inside of the doors for example, 'Think Parrot'!

When taking a bird out into the garden during the summer, always make sure the door or any other openings are padlocked and secure especially swing feeders.  Watch out for the cages with removable bases especially if dropped and do not leave the cage unattended whilst it is outside.  If you have a bird in a harness, be careful not to stumble and fall.  Many fly off with the harness attached.

Ensure the bird has positive means of ID if ever lost or stolen and photograph any unique features for future reference.  Rings and microchips are essential.

Finally we appeal to all breeders, dealers and suppliers to tell new parrot customers that their bird must be kept secure and that they can fly, even if wing clipped.

Source John Hayward (National Theft Register ) from the Parrot Magazine

 Prevent a Parrot Escaping

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