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Help My Parrot Has Escaped

List an advert on as that will be shared amongst parrot community and is the leading geographical website for lost parrots and found parrots, once your advert is approved you will receive a ready-made poster via email which you can print off and put up in your local area, lamposts, local shops, deliver flyers through neighbours doors.

List an advert on this is a really good site that will contact vets, rescue centres, animal charities in your area to alert them of your missing parrot.

Monitor found parrot adverts on 

List an advert on Gumtree in the lost and found pets category. Download the app called 'Nextdoor' this enables you to connect with members in your local neighbourhood, post on there and ask people to keep an eye out.

Inform John Heyward from the parrot society.

Write a post from your Facebook profile and make the post visible to public, share your post to any local lost and found pet groups, local facebook selling groups or lost groups, spotted groups etc. Inform all local vet practices and RSPCA and any local rescues / Wild life rescue's in case the bird gets handed in. Contact local radio station, ask them to mention on air. Contact local newspaper they will often help with an appeal. Your local police will sometimes give a mention on facebook page, this will reach many people. The more people that know, the better chance of being reunited.

Did you see the Parrot  escape? Note the direction that the parrot flew in and search around that area, your local street and those nearby they don't usually go far from home especially in the first couple of days. Listen carefully for the wild birds reacting to your parrot being near to them they will make a commotion which could help you pinpoint your lost parrot.

The ideal time to search is early evening until dark and at first light in the morning as that is when they are most vocal, they tend to keep silent when they first escape with being in strange environment, some binnoculars may come in useful. If you spot the bird try to call them down you will need to stand back to allow the parrot a shallow angle of flight towards you as they struggle to fly downwards a favourite treat will help, a packet that rustles, anything to tempt them down! 

If possible put the parrots cage outside as this is familiar to the bird and may encourage them to return. 

Most lost parrots are found very close to home and they don't tend to go far within the first couple of days. 

If your parrot has a ring on keep the number private as you will need that to prove ownership when the parrot gets found.

When you are reunited with your parrot please book an appointment with an avian vet for a full check up, parrots hide illness very well and it is often too late if veterinary attention is not sought immediately. Please see our section - List of avian vets.

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