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About Us

The Lost and Found Parrots Group UK came together through our passion for reuniting lost and found parrots, having felt the loss of an escaped parrot ourselves or having been closely linked to someone who has lost a parrot this way. We have worked together for many years in parrot rescues/charities and always had a passion for the welfare of parrots but the lost and found element of the parrot world has always been close to our hearts. 

We understand how heart breaking it is when a parrot escapes. Our aim is to help distraught owners who are going through the ordeal of searching for an escaped parrot by giving advice and tips on how to retrieve their parrot, but most importantly to support them. Over the years we have gained knowledge and experience and we want to pass that experience onto owners who are searching for their beloved parrots.

 To help us provide this free service to anyone who needs our support we have a network of over 5000 Facebook users who are happy to share your lost parrot information on parrot groups and lost pet groups locally and nationally to give the best possibility of finding a lost parrot. We also do the same for a found parrot and have a high success rate with reunites. We have learnt to think outside the box when searching for parrots, even using our media contacts through radio or other forms of media like local newspapers, some of our reunite stories have gone national! We will never judge you for losing your parrot please do not hesitate to contact us should you need us. 

Lost and Found Parrots UK have four trustees Lynn, Michelle, Gillian and Rebecca. We also have two core members Claire and Suzhannah and with other members of our social media groups who support us who spend hours searching for lost parrots, whether it be online by sharing and alerting us to actually going out and searching and catching lost parrots, so a massive thank you for all of you.


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