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There's always hope

Really glad to have been able to help this little Conure find her way home today. She had been missing 2 days and was found yesterday when she hit a window and was picked up by a lovely couple who looked after her overnight until I collected her today. Brought her home fed and watered her and started sharing on Facebook. Her owner contacted me soon after and confirmed her ring number and was here collecting her an hour later! he was over the moon to have her back.

Monty escaped on Christmas Day 2017 from Cannock and was found in Swadlincote (25 miles away) on the 27th Dec 2017. Monty was being attacked by a cat but was rescued in time, he was reunited with his dad the same day from the power of the internet by sharing posts through Facebook.

Monty is now recovering from his ordeal at home.

***Monty update***

Just got back from the avian vets in Cheshire, 120 mile round trip. No wounds at all but has lost a bit off his beak due the vet thinks to having flown in to a window not understanding glass. The blood on him vet thinks was his own from beak. I have a course of antibiotics and pain killer. Have to report back to vet in a week with his condition unless he deteriorates .

A runaway parrot has been reunited with her owner after hailing a taxi home - in a roundabout manner.

African Grey parrot Evie escaped from the home she shares with her devastated owner Peter Jackson, 68, in Tamworth, Staffordshire, three weeks ago after she was spooked by a noise in the garden.

But the pair have now been reunited after the open road proved too much for Evie, 11, who decided to hail herself a cab home.

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